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Baobab fruit has been scientifically proven to offer a variety of health benefits including heart disease, diabetes and as a natural vitamin booster.

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Benefits of Baobab Fruit

Baobab Tree-A Powerhouse of Nutrients

Back in 2008, a very unusual fruit from a curious tree known as the baobab tree was approved for entry into the European Union. While the goodness of the fruit of the “upside down tree” has been preached for decades, it’s in the recent past that its nutritional qualities and potential health benefits of baobab powder have taken shape.

Baobab is a term representing any of the Adansonia’s nine tree species, with the generic title named after Michel Adanson, an explorer and naturalist from France who had described the Adansonia digitata. One species is naturally found in Australia, two are native to both the Arabian Peninsula and mainland Africa while the other six species of the Adansonia are native to the island of Madagascar.

Baobab Powder is a Superfood that is largely unheard of outside of Africa. Like green tea and goji berries, baobab powder has been used for centuries to treat ailments that range from fever, malaria, vitamin C deficiency and gastrointestinal problems.

Baobab fruit powder isn’t a naturally occurring Superfood; pure baobab fruit powder is created from dried baobab fruit and baobab seeds being ground into powder form. Baobab fruit in its pure form has ten times the amount of vitamin C as an equivalent serving of fresh oranges and has taken its place amongst the an elite group of foods that are considered the best sources of vitamin C. 

Baobab Powder And ..

Why the huge interest in a harsh dry region growing tree that stocks water up to 26,000 gallons in its lifetime? Crack the greenish pods from the baobab and inside is a white baobab fruit considered a nutrients powerhouse.  In Africa, the baobab tree products have been consumed for millennia, but in the western part of the world they mostly appear in cereal bars and smoothies among other foods.

The leaves of the baobab are consumed with relish while the fruit once dissolved in water or milk forms a unique traditional drink similar to baobab tea.  Baobab seeds also provide edible oil beyond the fact that they can be eaten roasted or raw.  The leaves, including the bark and the fruit are extensively used in the treatment of medical complications such as kidney diseases. Across Africa, the fruit of the baobab has been used extensively in dealing with deficiencies of vitamin C, gastrointestinal issues to malaria and fevers.


In 2008, FDA received a submission to the effect that baobab dry fruit is generally recognised as safe (GRAS) and forthwith approved the use of the fruit in blended fruits drinks and fruit cereal bars in September 2010. The approval of the baobab fruit powder and its related products in both the EU and United States comes at the backdrop of extensive scientific research for decades.

Across the UK and the United States, the citrus flavoured tangy fruit and other baobab tree products was unknown until the benefits went mainstream. Baobab tree products, particularly the fruit are highly endowed with vitamin C while the integral antioxidant level of pulp from the baobab fruit was found to be ten times more than orange pulp’s.

Its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties have also been described as critical in beverage applications as an efficient prebiotic ingredient.  The fruit pulp as well as the seeds of the baobab tree has also been studied and excellent magnesium, calcium and potassium levels found; baobab fruit is being used as a natural calcium supplementation for the elderly, children, breastfeeding and pregnant women.

baobab powder

As a result of its high nutritional value, baobab tree products, from the leaves, seeds to the fruit are endowed with crucial health benefits. The baobab fruit is rich in vitamin C, which help the body to create elastin and collagen, structural proteins that leave the skin healthy and youthful looking. Its high antioxidant levels make the fruit the best to deal with fine lines and wrinkles appearing on the skin by neutralising unstable molecules, atoms and free radicals stopping them from damaging body cells.

The body requires minerals to synergistically and independently carry out diverse functions in the body. Baobab fruit mineral concentration is one of its kind with such minerals as zinc, calcium, copper, sodium, iron, potassium and magnesium. For those who want a quick way to take baobab then baobab powder capsules are well thought off.

Clinical studies have also been done to ascertain the efficacy of baobab solution in the treatment and prevention of acute infant dehydration during diarhoea. The study found out that the use of the solution from the Adansonia digitata or baobab was found to have extra advantages culturally, economically and nutritionally and recommended for use at home.


Weight loss has always been an issue and the products of the baobab tree can help. Baobab fruit pulp and so baobab powder contains lots of vitamin C effective in carnitine production, a compound needed to compel the body to transform fat into energy in contrast with storing it in the body.  Baobab fruit also has an effect on glycemic response and digestion of starch, which can help obese and overweight individuals reduce their body weight especially using specialist baobab powder recipes.

Cardiovascular health highly depends on vitamin C, naturally occurring in baobab fruits. An intake of the vitamin lessens the onslaught of varicose veins. Baobab fruit pulp also contains hepatoprotective properties through beta amyrin palmintate, ursolic acid, beta sitosterol and triterpenoids, protecting the liver against damage.

baobab benefits your health

Managing blood sugar levels has always been a problem. A study however suggested that baobab fruit extracts can help in the formulation of functional foods.  The glycemic response of consuming white break is significantly lowered by taking beverages containing baobab such as baobab tea.

Such effects are connected to baobab’s high content of polyphenol and fibre. Also, addition of baobab fruit pulp to normal white bread was found to reduce digestible starch from white bread. Release of sugar and breakdown of starch went down with the addition of baobab powder in bread.

baobab powder

How to enjoy Baobab Powder

Baobab enhances energy levels and alertness in the body while boosting the immune system, iron levels and maintaining a great nervous system.
How can you maximise on baobab extracts?

  • Sprinkle It

    Like other superfood enthusiasts around the world, you can consume the extracts in powder form and sprinkle it on yoghurt, porridge, juices and other tasty treats.

  • Drink It

    Create a drink using clean sparkling water and some authentic baobab powder. If you use it this way you might not need a sugary and unhealthy soft drink anytime soon.

  • Eat It

    If you love making dishes of all kinds including sauces, baobab powder is a wonderful addition as a result of its unique tangy taste. Baobab extracts can also be enjoyed in homemade bread, tea and puddings.

  • Smoothie It

    You can also consume baobab products as smoothies, which you can buy ready made or make at home. Some almond or coconut milk and baobab blended with bananas and mangoes will get you the smoothie you need. Even cocktail lovers use baobab to blend the perfect mix by mixing vodka and some baobab with fizzy water and rice syrup, among other ingredients.

  • In a Nutshell

    In a nutshell, a review of the nutritional value and composition of the baobab tree shows its products are immensely rich; the pulp is a great source of vitamin C, leaves are richly endowed with minerals such as calcium and quality protein while the kernels and seeds have a higher lipid concentration.


We have a variety of EBooks highlighting the use of Baobab Powder in food and drink. Baobab enhances energy levels and alertness in the body while boosting the immune system, iron levels and maintaining a great nervous system.

Find out how to maximise the nutritional
effects of  baobab powder extracts!

Find out how you can make great baobab
smoothies and other baobab powder recipes!

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