Finally the baobab powder is cleaned and sieved ready for packaging and delivery to your doorstep. All workers on our projects get a fair living wage and 10% of our profits go to good causes.

Baobab Fruit Processing


The whole village get involved with processing the baobab, the woman are responsible for crushing the baobab fruit pulp into powder.

Selecting Baobab Fruit


The largest baobab trees are selected as these give the most nutritious baobab powder which we use to make our baobab powder. All the baobab fruit comes from natural, wild baobab groves; and we pride ourselves on the fact our baobab fruit is 100% natural.

Further Processing


While the men are responsible for grinding the remaining baobab fruit pith and baobab seeds to make natural baobab oil.

Collecting The Fruit

Baobab Fruit Collection

Local villagers climb the trees to access the fruit, many trees have ladders built into them so harvesting is easy each year. A single baobab tree can produce over 1500 baobab fruit per year.

Drying the Baobab Fruit

drying baobab fruit

We leave our baobab fruit to naturally dry in the hot African sun for about 2 weeks and this completes the drying process which had already started on the tree.

As you can see the processing of Baobab Fruit into Baobab powder is  a relatively simple process which can be carried out within an African village; there is no need for large expensive machines and therefore the whole village benefits from the whole process.

Many of the villagers we work with have little or no education and that is why we have set up the Mbuyu project where 10% of our profits go to charity.

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